The VPIL Advantages

  • Any specific design can be developed.
  • Product Designing & Mould Manufacturing from OEM and recognized tool rooms.
  • Benefits to Customer – lesser hassles & secrecy of product design maintained.
  • Shortest possible design change time – a new design could take as little as 30 days to come into commercial production.
  • Shorter development time - faster market penetration.
  • Full product development- from Cap to Carton.
  • Customers can concentrate on doing WHAT MATTERS MOST – SELLING THEIR PRODUCT.
  • We provide PEACE OF MIND.
  • Confidential, Quick Launch of Special Promotions and offers - conception to the actual product is under closed loop monitoring.

Chairman Message

Dear Shareholders,
I am happy to share with you one more impressive year of all round performance. In FY 2015-16, the net receipts from Operations were Rs. 1529.11 Lacs as against Rs. 1712.83 Lacs in the previous year. The fall in turnover was due to sharp decrease in Raw Material cost and general slowdown in the market. We had made efforts to create the niche and could achieve this amount of sales with profitability.
The Company posted profit after tax of 12.77 Lacs up 12.41% from the last financial year. The Company continued its focus on growing its business faster than market while protecting product quality & profitability. I am sure you will all join me in complimenting the management team and the staff of the company for the good results.
As always, we have continued to maintain the standards of good Corporate Governance. We would also continue to work in a transparent and professional manner to create value for our Stakeholders. At Vinayak Polycon, We will continue to focus on strengthening our core competencies by laying emphasis on technological up–gradation, advancement in design and innovation. Our aim is to acquire cost effectiveness, technical competence, understanding the evolving needs of customers and timely delivery the best quality products.
Bhanwar Lal Baid