The VPIL Advantages

  • Any specific design can be developed.
  • Product Designing & Mould Manufacturing from OEM and recognized tool rooms.
  • Benefits to Customer – lesser hassles & secrecy of product design maintained.
  • Shortest possible design change time – a new design could take as little as 30 days to come into commercial production.
  • Shorter development time - faster market penetration.
  • Full product development- from Cap to Carton.
  • Customers can concentrate on doing WHAT MATTERS MOST – SELLING THEIR PRODUCT.
  • We provide PEACE OF MIND.
  • Confidential, Quick Launch of Special Promotions and offers - conception to the actual product is under closed loop monitoring.

Chairman Message

Dear Shareholders,

Vinayak Polycon International Limited has successfully completed 13 years of journey and entering into another magnificent/ splendid year with the Mission and Vision of the Company. Vinayak Polycon believes in growth of Company as well as society with commitment to serve the customer and shareholders to their satisfaction and better experience. Vinayak Polycon International Limited (“VPIL”) is being one of the market leaders of PET Products. Your Company has persistent thrive and work towards expansion of our business with its capacities, updated technology with modern innovations, development of new processes, widened its product range and expanding the marketing network and research & development.

Briefly, during the year under report, Financial Profit before depreciation and taxation was Rs 84.87/- Lakhs against Rs. 64.65/- Lakhs in the previous year. After providing for depreciation and taxation company earned net profit in this year of Rs. 11.70/- Lakhs against the Profit of Rs. 4.21/- Lakhs last year.

It gives me pleasure to inform you that not only the company back on growth track, it has started investing in new technologies and techniques that will improve its capabilities in capturing new markets and customers faster using in-house Mold making facility being set up.

Vinayak Polycon, continues to be optimistic for a sustainable growth in the forthcoming years to come and has extensive growth plan in place. Our aim is to acquire cost effectiveness, technical competence, understanding the evolving needs of customers and timely delivery of best quality products to them.


Bharat Kumar Baid

Managing Director