Chairman Message

Dear Shareholders,
I am happy to share with you one more impressive year of all round performance in the tough times like present where CoVID-19 has affected the whole economy negatively. Company’s total income decreased to Rs. 1559.25 lakhs from Rs. 2328.85 lakhs in the previous year, registering decrease of 33.05%. Earnings before Interest, Depreciation and Tax decreased to Rs. 110.70 lakhs from Rs. 148.15 lakhs in the preceding year which translates into decrease of 25.28%. Profit after Tax (PAT) is Rs. 2.12 lakhs as against Rs. 41.11 lakhs in previous year. The Company continued its focus on growing its business faster than market while protecting product quality & profitability. I am sure you will all join me in complimenting the management team and the staff of the company for the good results.
VPIL has very strategically build the business to achieve profitable growth while maintaining a healthy Balance Sheet. In times like now, the Company is ahead in the game to not only follow through on the existing growth plans but capitalise on the market opportunity aiming for superior results. 
VPIL is at a crucial juncture where the decisions we make in the transitory phase in anticipating the post-pandemic scenario will define our future growth. We will keep true to our core of being a deep value manufacturer while maintaining a lean cost structure and an eye on the Balance Sheet. 
Bharat Kumar Baid
Managing Director